Top 12 TV Series Theme Songs

Supanova Melb 2010_MDPOMG goodness, what delightful anticipation… as you know, my love affair with good TV is ongoing. So much so that I’m excited to share with you my all time favourite theme songs. There are a couple of oldies included, but a lot of the really good stuff is relatively new. See if you agree with me…



12. This Life by Curtis Stigers and The Forest Rangers for Sons of Anarchy theme

Kind of anarchic and bluesy at the same time.

11. Gangstagrass Ft. Tone Z. for Justified

This grew on me slowly. Love the idea of gangsta Ralen.

10. Hawaii Five O theme

Still rush to the TV whenever I hear the opening sequence.


9. Peter Gunn theme

Sexy, sexy. All that brass. Here’s the Blues Brothers version.

8. X-Files theme

I remember trying to catch some sleep when my first child was born, and listening to this as my partner watched it in another room. It’s scary, melancholy, mysterious and, somehow, conveys longing as well.

7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme

Because Buffy!

6. Firefly theme

How can this song be so great and yet not really even a song? Mystified. But love it.

5. Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing by Jace Everrett for True Blood 

Coupled with the intro images, one of the best lead sequences ever made.

4. Scott and Bailey theme

Makes we want to run right out and solve crimes and kick heads.

3. The Bridge theme 

Music doesn’t get any more atmospheric than this superb piece of music. Bleak. Soulful.

2. Saving Grace by Everlast for Saving Grace

Grace Hannadarko. My all time favourite woman. Everlast nails it.

1. We Used to Be Friends by Dandy Warhols for Veronica Mars

I become embarrassingly jiggly every time I hear this, and I watch the video regularly as a pick me up. Dandy’s are THE MAN.


  • Transcendancing

    Oh yes, some of my favourites in there definitely – Saving Grace, Veronica Mars, True Blood, Scott & Bailey, Sons of Anarchy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, (even though I’m less enamoured of the shows themselves, the themesongs are great). I’ve just finished S3 of Scott & Bailey which continues to be interesting. Next on my list is Orphan Black, but I’ve got my eye on a bunch of things that Alisa has been talking about recently. I am also watching Covert Affairs, just finished King (which I am sad only got 2 seasons), eking out Flashpoint and am way behind on Castle, Once Upon A Time, Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife, White Collar, and Newsroom. (I have a long list of things I’m in the middle of…).

  • Orphan Black is the bomb, Ju. Covert gets better and better. You gotta watch Spiral, The Bridge and Braquo–all European shows, all brilliant. Didn’t get into Flashpoint at all. Mx

  • Transcendancing

    Very much looking forward to Orphan Black, also interested in Orange is the New Black, and I’m enjoying Covert Affairs, watching S4 atm :)

  • yes, not enough money to buy :(


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