So proud to share this news with you. Western Australian Indie games company STIRFIRE will release their game on STEAM tomorrow. We interviewed Garth Pendergast a while ago when Freedom Fall first came out.


Freedom Fall Levels Up for Steam Release
Bigger, More Beautiful, More Steam

Perth, January 9, 2014 — Freedom Fall, the delightfully diabolical down-scrolling indie platformer, hits Steam on January 10 with all new content and features.

It’s a fast-paced action game wrapped around a surprisingly layered tale of guilt and innocence, colourful taunts, twisted humour, a princess and a rogue, deadly contraptions and swooping dragons.

The Steam release delivers two new levels (taking the total to 14), updated animations for slicker hand-drawn action, smarter camera movement, achievements to earn, added trading cards, badges and emoticons to collect, and now you can pit your best runs against your friends on the new Freedom Fall leaderboards.

The two new levels in the game are The Garden and The Undersea Lair. The Garden is set early in the game, while The Undersea Lair is a super hard level unlocked after completing the game.

Freedom Fall Artist, Writer and Designer Lisa Rye says, “We wanted to do something special for Steam. I’m most excited to see how players react to the two new levels, but I’m also really glad I had this chance to go through and give the whole game another level of visual polish to get it closer to how I picture it in my head. You never quite have time for everything you want to get into your game, so something like this is a great thank you for everyone who voted for us on Steam, as well as the team.”

Freedom Fall was developed in Perth, Australia, and won the 2013 West Australian Screen Award for Best Videogame, and reached the final round of the Australia-wide Game Developer Awards in two categories: Best Game and Design.

It will be available on Steam January 10 for US$6.49, and will be US$9.99 after the launch sale ends. For more information, art assets or interview opportunities with Lisa Rye please contact us.


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Transformation Space - Aurealis Award
 Best Science Fiction Novel 2010

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