Daryl Lindquist studied Fine Art more years ago than he cares to remember. He worked in comics for Inkspots (oz comic publication), then on and off doing graphics of various kinds for more than  25 years, including a number of covers and illustrations for books and magazines (mainly SF). He started to get into computer graphics around 15 years ago and has worked with various 3D and 2D programs ever since. Daryl made his first book trailer 10 years ago for the T’En trilogy. Daryl says, he’s still having fun!

Can you tell us about the history of R & D Studios?

R&D Studios has been around for around 12 years. It is basically an elaborate front that allows me to indulge myself in fun projects. I actually started out doing comics way back when for a local publication in Melbourne called “Inkspots” in 1982. It contained several ‘up and coming’ young artists from Melbourne at the time, including Fil Barlow, Chris Johnston, Stephen Campbell, and others. My wife was a partner in GASPP (a graphics studio in St Kilda in Melbourne in ’83 through to ’90). I was involved in the periphery of that. When we moved to Brisbane we set up R&D Studios as a side project from our main income streams. So it is basically me with some input from Rowena when she gets a chance. Now that I have retired from my day job, I’ll get a chance to devote more time doing the things I really enjoy.

Are you specialising in book trailers or is that one of the many services you offer?

Book trailers are one of our many services, although a major one. I’ve just completed a series of six book covers for example for crime writer, Sandy Curtis and ClanDestine Press. So our work covers the whole range of graphics. I actually started doing book trailers back in 2002 for the third book of Rowena’s trilogy. The digital revolution has certaintly come a long way since then.

What projects have you most enjoyed working on?

The King Rolen’s Kin trailer for Rowena, Death Most Definite for Trent Jamieson, and Angel Arias of course, which is the first time we’ve ventured into
filming, rather than 3D animation and animatics. Bascially the projects where the clients trust you to do a good job and gives you complete artistic freedom are the most fun.

Where would you like your skill base to take you?

I don’t have any lofty ambitions. I would just like to potter away doing the projects I enjoy, but always trying to push the boundaries of my ability. I guess I’m in the fortunate position of being able to pick and choose what projects I decide to do.

What are your thoughts on the New Media/Trans Media revolution?

The lines are getting very blurry. There is a voracious appetite for content out there, which will be filled but quality will always stand out. We live in a time where money is no longer the barrier that it used to be. For example, it is now possible to put together a feature length film for under $50K. Now that is a lot of money, but it is not out of the reach of a great many people who have the drive, the vision, the talent and the inspiration to do it. You can record your own album at home. You can do your own graphic novel and publish it. Write your own book and publish it. We are in the middle of a creative explosion where a great number of people can now realise their vision from their own desktops. The fact that all of this is being made possible by the web and computers means that the distinctions between media are disappearing. They are all using the same tool, so it can only converge.

Where can people contact you?

Email is good – daryl at rdstudios dot com dot au



When Yunyu and I started collaborating on a book/song release with Burn Bright I had no idea how much fun I’d have and how interesting it would be. For those who don’t know the background, when I released Burn Bright (book 1) of my Night Creatures YA trilogy, Yunyu also released a song called Angel Arias written specifically to to accompany the book.

The song was made available for download via iTunes and Bandcamp for a small fee. We also released two videos using a sample of the music. One video was produced by Random House using a remixed version of Yunyu’s song and perfectly captured the hard core party atmosphere of Ixion. The second video was released by Yunyu and was more of a sneak peak at the song proper.

The result of all this was an enhanced reading/listening experience for the fans of the series. I still get excited every time I hear Yunyu’s song, Angel Arias, and it will forever take me back to the world I created – in the same way that songs take me back to other times in my life; past loves, experiences, places and emotions.

On the creative side, the collaboration was a wonderful, enriching experience. On the administrative/production side there were a few bumps along the way but we got there in the end. I reminded myself a few times, that nothing worth fighting for comes easily.

As the book 2 got under way, Yunyu and I revisited the music/book idea and agreed that we loved working together. For me, Yunyu (her sense of humour and crazy-arsed brilliant mind) is nothing but a pleasure to have in my life and I hope I brought something to her in return. And so … we lined up for round two…

Things were a bit different this time. Yunyu and I planned it on the fly between us and she chose a song, already written, that fitted perfectly with the frantic flight of the my main character through the second book. The song, Bluebeard, is fierce and full of energy and fear.

This time Yunyu said we could make the song available free specially for those who purchased the book. Being the tech savant that she is, she suggested we place a QR tag in the back of the book which would allow anyone with a iPhone or Smartphone to download from the link.

This is a simple and graceful approach, and as of today our plan has been realised. Anyone who has purchased a copy of Book 2 Angel Arias, just needs to point their QR reader app at the tag in the book and it will take them to a free download link of the song. And if you’d like an idea of the kind of song it is, you can get a taste of it by watching the book trailer below made by R & D Studios (I’ll be running a feature on them soon so you can find out more about them) for book 2.

Will we do it again for book 3? Absolutely!

R & D Studios trailer for Angel Arias


Angel Arias Song Preview


Random House trailer for Burn Bright



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Peacemaker - Aurealis Award
Best Science Fiction Novel 2014

Curtin University Distinguished Alumni Award 2014

Transformation Space - Aurealis Award
 Best Science Fiction Novel 2010

Sharp Shooter - Davitt Award
Best Crime Novel 2009 (Sisters in Crime Australia) 





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