So What Happened?

Without wishing to go into the rights nitty gritty, Nightshade Books have withdrawn from publishing the Sentients of Orion series in the US. The UK/Commonwealth editions had inadvertently been made available on and they feel it will affect their US editions. I apologise to all those who were waiting for these books to come out in the US. Dark Space had a beautiful cover. Such a shame. And saddening.

Anyway, if you’re in the US and having trouble getting any of the books in the series, please email me and I’ll point you to some pertinent booksellers. You can no longer buy any edition on but they are available on Meanwhile, many many thanks to those of you who have sent me commiserations.

  • Jonathan Strahan

    Hi Marianne – I’m really sorry to hear this happened. That’s awful. I hope you find a new home for the books in the US soon. Best,Jonathan

  • Marianne

    Thanks Jonathon, I’m very upset about it. I appreciate your message.
    MDP x

  • Lord, there are times this business SUCKS! The lack of control is shattering, isn’t it? Hope an alternative is worked out soon.

  • Marianne

    Hi Nicole,
    yeah. Powerlessness.
    M x

  • So sorry to hear this, M. How upsetting. It is totally their loss.

  • Marianne

    Thanks Tans. wah!

  • Ju

    Oh how horrible Marianne, I’m so, so sorry :( I hope something happens that sees some other awesome publisher pick it up over there – it completely deserves it.

  • Marianne de Pierres

    Thanks Ju. Me too.

  • Belinda

    There’s only really one way to put this…
    To put it any other way would just need expletives.
    Things will turn around.
    They can’t ignore your greatness forever.

  • Marianne

    Hi B,

    what can I say to that :) :)
    MDP x

  • Ian

    Hi Marianne,

    So sorry to hear this. I’m finishing Mirror Space at the moment and have loved all the series. So funny about amazon getting stuck in the middle of the old US / Commonwealth divide.

    P.S. I picked up your novels at Galaxy in Sydney, and Nylon Angel and Dark Space were autographed by the author – sweet!

  • Marianne

    Hi Ian, thanks for you kind words. I am terribly disappointed I must admit, but it’s out of my control. Frustrating to say the least.
    Trans Space is out in December. I hope you enjoy the finale! best MDP

  • Ian

    Thanks Marianne – should be a great Christmas present!


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