Queensland Floods 2011

Thank you to all who have emailed me to see we’re OK. It’s been a devastating time for those in Queensland. Belinda has written a very revealing blog post about it here and has some footage as well.

Our house is not in a flood area, so we’re not expecting trouble but general power outages and food shortages will affect everyone. Not to mention the emotional turmoil of watching fellow Queenslanders frightened, standing on roof tops, waiting for rescue. And the deaths of families.

Our Premier has been a pillar of strength and calm and I say ‘hat’s off to you, Anna Bligh.

  • You’ve been and continue to be in my prayers. I very much hope things improve very very soon. Stay safe.

  • Marianne

    Thanks Diana,

    really appreciate that.

    MDP xxxoo

  • So glad to know you’re okay. All my mob live on higher ground or away from the Bris R. so also okay. Mum is with us at the moment so we’re keeping a close eye on the amazing police website. Agree re the great job Anna B is doing. Big hugs to all up there xx

  • Ian

    Glad to hear you’re safe and dry!

    All my Brisbane pals are taking in friends and relatives from the lowing lying areas, getting in extra food (and beer of course…) and helping each other out. Queensland spirit!

    And Anna Bligh has just been superb.

  • Hey M – glad you’re not in the danger zone. We’re thinking of all you guys up there!
    K x

  • Glad to hear you are ok. My sister lives north of the city but by a creek. They appear to be safe at the moment

  • Marianne de Pierres

    Thanks Keith, Janette and Ian. Just been to the supermarket; no bread or milk. Still raining on and off.
    Atl east my lounge room furniture isn’t floating. Very grateful.



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