Parrish and the Apocalypse

I’ve read the chapter pertaining to the Parrish Plessis series in Apocalypse in Australian Fiction and Film by Dr Roslyn Weaver.

It’s brilliant for a number of reasons. The first being that I’ve never thought of Cyberpunk in terms of its anti-Apocalyptic agenda (at least that’s what the theory proposes).

The second reason, is that it’s absolutely fascinating to have your fiction broken down and examined in the light of such a theory. I was staggered by the number of apocalyptic metaphors I’d use. For each example I’d chosen consciously there was another that had slipped in under my radar. Just goes to show how much writing is conducted at the subconscious level.

I won’t spoil the book by telling you her conclusions, but if you’re a true fan of texts like Mad Max and Nylon Angel – this book will of great interest to you. Dr Weaver has a direct and clear style which makes it one of the best academic texts I’ve ever read.

Now I’m over my excitement about seeing my books in there, I’m off to read it from beginning to end.

  • Maree Kimberley

    hmm… maybe one day Burn Bright will end up in one of my academic journal articles! (I have to write 3 or 4 in the next few years)

  • Marianne

    oooh, Goody!
    M x

  • Wow – let’s open a book on who will be first to write a PhD thesis about your work! Can’t be far away…

  • Marianne

    Hi Satima,

    actually I think this work was her PHD :)

    MDP xx

  • Roslyn

    I’m glad you enjoyed the chapter. And yes, the book is based on my PhD, which has a chapter on Parrish – maybe the next person will devote their whole thesis to it!

    Hoping to get some time to read Burn Bright as well.

  • Marianne

    Hi Ros,

    many thanks again. Hope you enjoy Burn Bright.



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