Important Peacemaker Update

So where’s the comic gone!

Well it’s time I filled you guys in on what’s been happening. After the first issue was published, I began talks with a comic publisher. They seemed interested and asked that I hold off on issue 2 while they decided. That took several months and in the end they came back with a no thank you.

Just as I was about to ask Brigitte to get going on the illustrations, another publisher showed interest. Thankfully, they made their mind up quickly (but also declined in the end). THEN it was nearly Xmas. I sent the issue to Brigitte to get cracking on, but after the Xmas break she told me that she now has full time work and simply doesn’t have the time to do issue 2. Naturally I’m delighted that as an artist, she has the job, but I am totally devastated that Peacemaker has been hamstrung.

I’m really not sure what to do now. Should I fold and chalk it up to experience? Should I try and find another illustrator? Brigitte created such a wonderful individual look in her work, I don’t know how anyone would go about replicating it. In fact I don’t think that’s possible. Which would mean re-imagining a whole new aesthetic.

I admit, I’m floundering now. What should I do? Issue 2 was 20 pages, double the size of issue 1. It’s written but may never see the light of day.

Someone talk sense to me one way of the other please!


  • I say keep writing.
    Brigitte may find time in the future and if the series is written, it’s half the battle already won.
    Worst case scenario is you’ll have another series to be published down the track.
    If you have to change illustrators, then you’ll at least have the ‘lost issue’ with the original art to be snapped up when the publishers pull their heads out and realise this is going to be a fun series.

  • I think you should try to find another artist if possible. I know that they may not be able to replicate Brigitte’s style, if they are good, they could get close to it and I would like to think that most readers wouldn’t really mind if it looked different, maybe you could do something like working with a different artist for each volume, expanding the look of each storyline.

  • Marianne

    Thanks Girls. Maybe at the least I should keep writing it. I had another great artist who I talked to originally. She had a more classic, comic style. Maybe I should talk to her again.

  • Paul Jenkins

    Hey Marianne,

    I think this goes into the territory of “Writers finish.” Of course, you are so used to finishing full novels, so I don’t need to tell you that. But we all experience growing pains moving into other realms. I struggled at first with screenplays until I accepted some of the rules, and don’t even get me started about video games.

    In this case, I think you’re running into that problem of not being able to get a foothold in the comic space because unfortunately, you’re reliant on other people. It’s funny, after my previous threats I just started my first novel and I love that liberating feeling of not having to see an artist’s rendition of my thoughts.

    I say you write the entire thing. And then, I say you hold out not for AN artist but for THE artist. You will have completed a story in another form, and that alone will be worth it. Just my two cents…


  • Marianne

    I like what you’re saying, Paul. I think you’re right.
    Many thanks for the advice.


    ps awesome news on the novel. I want to hear more!

  • Oh, so sorry to hear this! Was really looking forward to the continuing evolution of Peacemaker, so I hope you will continue (selfish, I know!). Almost every commercial comic has multiple artists work on it during its run, so it might be worth auditioning new artists? Perhaps contact the team at Womanthology and ask them to put the call out???


  • Must be very frustrating. I think Paul’s idea sounds good – not that I know anything about comics :/

  • Julie

    Yes, look for a new artist. And I agree that fiishing the entire story first also seems like a good idea. You meet lots of artists in your travels and I’m sure one of them would be happy to take over. Maybe publich as a full printed graphic novel if you find another interested publisher, then offer in parts to download.

  • Marianne

    thanks Julie and Sean,

    its encouraging me to finish it.


  • Melissa May

    Hi Maianne,
    Don1t give up the comic is fantastic you have just hit some big speed bumps ( sand dunes ).I agree with Paul keep writing the series .Goodluck M .xx

  • I was wondering if you might broaden your search and consider publishers/artists in India? I was reading a comic written by Samit Basu yesterday. The company was Graphic India?

  • Hi Sean, Melissa and Tehani,

    thanks for your support and good suggestions. I’ll do some looking around.


  • Nansi Kunze has a friend who is a comic book artist as well, but damned if I can find his website link


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