The Periodic Table of Awesome

This is the brain child of some good friends and colleagues I urge you to check it out and consider supporting!

WHAT IS IT? The Periodic Table of Awesome is the bizarre lovechild of Entertainment Tonight and Big Bang Theory with a side-order of The Daily Show and The IT Crowd. It is a lifestyle show for Geeks, made by Geeks, bringing you the best of Geek from week to week. It is a web-TV series because we love to watch shows from / on the internet instead of on regular TV.

CONCEPT: Zombies (Z). He-Man (He). Sour Gummi (Sg). If you combined them, what would happen?

Would a compound of Pirates (Px) and Lion-o (Li) result in an awesome X-Box game or a smoking hole in the ground? Find out on The Periodic Table of Awesome.

The Periodic Table of Awesome is a light-hearted look at the wonderful universe of geekdom based on its component elements. We all know that in the world of science, the more common the element, the higher it is on the periodic table. In this case, the more awesome it is, the higher it is… So, is number one on the list Batman, Ninjas, or Jetpacks? Or, God forbid, LOLcats? What about Pocky? What makes Pocky so irresistible to geeks, and how is it different from other weird imported Japanese snacks? Your hosts strive to uncover the truth.

The geeks have inherited the earth: the time has passed when we were to be pitied and bullied. Nowadays, you can’t get a darn thing done without geek-power… how’s that smartphone working out for you? And Email? And Cable?

Webcast live from within the internet, with a backdrop of the week’s leading meme (Double Rainbow; Foxes on Trampolines; Old Spice Guy), Quinny, Dion and friends bring you the greatest of geek from week to week. With a selection of fun segments comprising weekly ‘regulars’ and one-off specials with the occasional celebrity interview thrown in, ‘The Periodic Table of Awesome’ is FTW, pwning ‘teh awesome’ for n00bs and l33t ro><orz alike.

I WANNA JOIN IN! Your donations will help us to fund the pilot episode, featuring exclusive interviews and segments shot at New York Comic Con, and some vox pop & in-studio goodness brought to you from Australia. If the pilot gets picked up, we’ll make an ongoing Web-TV series with brand new content every week. Shot live within the Internet itself, the show features not only celebrity interviews, news, reviews, and a bunch of awesome lifestyle items… but also the pure elements of awesome!

WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU LOVE YOUR GEEKS: Check out our rewards structure (at right) for the awesome geeky gifts you can get when you support our project, including comic books and trade paperbacks autographed by Mark Waid, gift vouchers for the MADMAN Entertainment online DVD store, original convention sketches from illustrators Nicola Scott, Stuart Immonen, and George Perez,passes to The 2011 Supanova Expo (in Australia), and – for the high rollers – award-winning author Marianne Delacourt will name a character after you in her newTara Sharp novel series, AND you’ll receive a signed original page of cover art by John Cassaday. Yes, that’s right, the actual original artwork. Get in quick, because the awesome item availability is LIMITED!

AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHIC: Geekdom is for people of all ages and creeds; awesomeness doesn’t discriminate. Especially if you know what >_< Awesome 1 ! 1 ! w00t! XD means, this is a show for you.

WHO’S BEHIND THIS? You might remember the team members from Australia’s Supanova Expo, or from the award-winning podcast series (Cool) Shite on the Tube.We are four ‘emerging’ creative professionals who are citizens of Australia but live on Earth. Mostly.

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