The Great People I Get to Meet

If you’ve been following the Super Creatives and Special Guest series, you would know that I’ve been getting to meet some wonderful people of late. The frustrating thing is that it’s often a transient contact at a convention or expo, and try as you might it’s hard to sustain a realtionship on a brief encounter, no matter how much you connected with someone. I’m stubborn though, and I don’t give up on people I like easily!

At AussieCon, I happened to have the good fortune to be on a panel with Kim Stanley Robinson and Ian Irvine which was moderated by Melinda Snodgrass. She did a brilliant job and I would love to have had the chance to talk more with her. The next best thing is to mention her new book and suggest you check out her post On Genre.

Melinda says, “It’s the eve of Armageddon, and the gates of hell are about ot yawn open. Christ is a homeless schizophrenic living in a cardboard box. Lucifer commands the forces of light and humanity’s best hope is a tormented young beat cop from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Basically I’m writing a series about the war between science and rationality and superstition and religion.”

  • J-A Brocke

    Interesting post, Marianne, thanks for the tip. Raised interesting ways of thinking about genre.

  • Marianne de Pierres

    Hi J-A, I thought so too. Melinda has a wealth of experience in genre in different mediums, being a screenwriter as well.


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