Creatives Unite – connecting writers to the resources they need to get their books finished, seen and sold.

So, you’ve written a novel and you want to get it published. Fantastic! You now have some important choices to make. Will you to try your luck with a conventional publisher, or will you forego that path and its potential rejection letters and venture down the self-publishing route?

Why not try both?

Traditional publishers have undergone mergers and downsizing, and demand for electronic media has risen, with more
books (particularly in eBook format) being sold than ever before. With so many books on offer, it is an enormous task to get yours noticed, and sold, in such a competitive, fluctuating market. You are not alone in trying to get your book picked up. There are hundreds upon thousands of authors, all vying to get their books seen, both on- and offline.

If you want to compete, your offering needs to be the best it can possibly be before you put it out there, which means you will need to invest in your own work. Even on the self-publishing route, your book needs to be edited, a cover needs to be designed, and it needs to be promoted by professionals, if you want it to be taken seriously – by both your peers, and your potential readers.
But many professionals from the conventional publishing world are right now finding themselves being made redundant. Our skilled editors, cover designers and other industry people are finding themselves without the security of a full time job; risking their invaluable skills and knowledge being lost, simply because those who need their skills can no longer find them.

Creatives Unite was built to make it easy for writers to find the people they need to polish their book, launch and publicise their work, and as a vessel for now-freelancing publishing industry professionals to list their skills and be found. With an ever-growing directory of professional editors, agents, artists, audiobook producers, marketing consultants, researchers, video trailer creators, and even other writers, Creatives Unite enables you to build your own book finishing team. Work with only who you need, and who you want, and negotiate directly with the freelancer of your choice.

A year in the making itself, Creatives Unite was a collaborative project between Brisbane web developer Min Dean and Australian author, Isobelle Carmody, who both wanted to devise a way for writers to find the professionals and the advice they needed to get their books sold at the highest quality possible. During its beta phase, the site had significant input from Australian author (and Australian Society of Authors chair) Sophie Masson, during which the ASA Membership discount was implemented. Creatives Unite has a yearly maintenance fee of $10 (or $5, if you are an ASA member), to ensure the site can be constantly expanded with additional functionality, with the additional security ensuring that all personal contact information is protected from the eyes of the public.

So whether you are a writer seeking to be published conventionally, a writer going it alone along the self-publishing path, or a professional who wants to advertise their skills to writers who need them, head over to Creatives Unite, list yourself, and start connecting!

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Peacemaker - Aurealis Award
Best Science Fiction Novel 2014

Curtin University Distinguished Alumni Award 2014

Transformation Space - Aurealis Award
 Best Science Fiction Novel 2010

Sharp Shooter - Davitt Award
Best Crime Novel 2009 (Sisters in Crime Australia) 





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