Popping in to shares some links and news with y’all.

Firstly, PEACEMAKER is now with Angry Robot while they consider what editing needs to be done on it, which gives me time to start thinking about, and moving on to, book 2, DEALBREAKER. Muwahahaha! Boy, will that have some fun stuff in it. I got excited just writing the synopsis!

Meanwhile, I’ve been writing the first chapters of a crime novel that I’m DYING to get into full time. It’s all about Antiquities theft. Gorgeous yummy stuff.

Over at sonsofcorax, I blog about how I get inspiration for names in my fiction. Anyone who’s read the Sentients of Orion and Parrish Plessis will find this interesting.

Some people have been asking me where they can get copies of my new picture book Serious Sas and Messy Magda so I’ve just dropped in the BOOK DEPOSITORY link for you all.

And a little interesting titbit … Terri Sellen shared the link to this extraordinary phenomenon. It is so reminiscent of the stories in my Glitter Rose collection by Twelfth Planet Press, that I got goosebumps when I saw it. Which brings me to the fact that Glitter Rose will finally be available in e-book soon. Will let you know!

I find writing the year in review is a bit like a meditation, so I hope it doesn’t bore you too much while I relfect and wonder.

Professionally, this has been the year of me regrouping and seeking renewed enthusiasm to write. By the middle of 2012, I was burned out and finding my writing and the industry in a head-bashing and brick wall relationship. I stepped into this year with a fresh perspective and thought far less about selling books and far more about writing them. When Angry Robot made an offer on PEACEMAKER I was thrilled to be finally writing the book I’d long been itching to complete (but kept being told wasn’t commercial enough). WIN!

I did some writing teaching, judging competitions and took a bit of time putting in a PHD application to Curtin Uni. The workshops kept a little bit of cash coming in (thank you Redlands Council), and the PHD app was only partially successful – I got in but didn’t get the living allowance scholarship. I’m forced to make some new choices for the future now and I’m taking the Christmas break to consider what they might be. Partial WIN!

In an attempt to supplement this year’s meagre income, I launched my own social media consulting business which has been a bit of a financial failure. The reality is that no one in the writing industy wants to pay for anything. In fact, I spent some time looking for freeleance web content work, and almost 90% of the jobs advertised were voluntary/interns positions. Writing is very devalued. No WIN.

The end of the writing year had some highlights though. The cover for Peacemaker turned out to be sensational (IMHO), and my first children’s picture book was released – see SERIOUS SAS and MESSY MAGDA. Both these events were golden moments in the year for me. WIN.

Personally, I began coaching a junior girls basketball team. I’ve long put off coaching sport for many reasons, but the time finally felt right. It’s been one of the most stimulating and enjoyable projects I’ve embarked on in a very long time. Great team, great parents, great manager and co-coaches.

I’ve also connected with Lauren Galley from Girls Above Society. Lauren is an extraordinary young woman who it is well worth your time getting to know. WIN. WIN. WIN. WIN.

I could spend hours talking about my family but I won’t! Suffice to say they are all well and getting about their lives, leaving me to enter the next stage of mine. I’m working through the desolation of empty nest and thinking about the future. Long term WIN; short term sadness.

2013 in Entertainment is better summed up but the Guardian than me, so check this out.

On the world stage, we lost Nelson Mandela but Obama is still president and gay activism reached an all time high. On the down side, there was way too much talk about Miley! I’ve found it fascinating how social media allows us to obsess on a subject/object for a very short hyperreal moment or two before we’re hauled inexorably onto the next thing. How we think is most definitely being shaped by how we communicate.

The Escape Club website continues to be a labour of love, putting together fun content for teens and young at hearts, and I want to publically thank my team – Bel, Mandy, Joelene, Krista, Lisa, Jamie, Bec, Diana, Amy, Chris and Phil for everything they do. Without them my life wouldn’t be nearly as rich or as much fun! Next year I hope to be welcoming Kylie back to the bunch.

On this website, I’ve blogged mainly about the TV series I’m enjoying, but next year I will extend that to include reviews of music videos as well. MDP On MusicVids.

So, in closing, I just want to say thank you to those of you who actually read this blog and especially those who comment. You gotta know that a hello from any of you always makes my day! 

I’m leaving you with some music – love the energy and honesty in this remix. There is so much talent in this world!

Merry Christmas!

Marianne xx







~Mythago Wood meets a dime Western with an Australian accent ~

What can I say but *love*!

I’ve been blessed to have some wonderful book covers in my career and this one by Joey Hi Fi, commissioned by Angry Robot (and partially inspired by Brigitte Sutherland’s graphic novel illustrations) is right up at the top!

PEACEMAKER is due for release May 1st 2014 in UK and US, and as soon as it ships in Australia.

What do you think?

The eagle’s shadow behind Virgin has great significance in the story and you can see Nate Sixkiller on Virgin’s shirt. The background is the city and the foreground is the Birrimun Park. The park has hints of purple mulla mulla on it.


For those who are wondering what the heck it’s about, the story is a blend of SF, Western, paranormal Australiana. US Marshall Nate Sixkiller, and Park Ranger, Virgin Jackson, have to work together to solve a murder in Birrimun Park. Turns out that co-operation is not a strong suit for either of them. But in this case there is really no option.

I would describe it as Mythago Wood meets penny Western with an Australian accent.



davitt-award  aurealis-award   logo-curtin-university

Peacemaker - Aurealis Award
Best Science Fiction Novel 2014

Curtin University Distinguished Alumni Award 2014

Transformation Space - Aurealis Award
 Best Science Fiction Novel 2010

Sharp Shooter - Davitt Award
Best Crime Novel 2009 (Sisters in Crime Australia) 





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