I’ve been thinking about this for a while, probably since I became fascinated by social media and communication. The more I reseached and browsed, the more I realised that women are running with the communication revolution and making it their own.

Much is made of how SM has revolutionised politics – and through instant communication we’ve seen the face of elections and demonstations alter. Twitter and Facebook can bring the demise of dictatorships – we’ve seen that too. Sure, there is plenty of rumour and disinformation out there, but somehow the essential message still gets through. As Mr Universe said, Can’t stop the signal, Mal. Everything goes somewhere, and I go everywhere.” Serenity-Joss Whedon.

(I don’t know about you but Twitter is my main source of breaking news. It also makes me laugh a lot, a reminds me that there are some very clever, funny people in this world.)

But what’s not being talked about so much, is how SM has liberated the entrepreneur – especially female entrpreneurs. There is a burgeoning industry of women building careers as Lifestyle Mentors, Life Coaches, Social Media Coaches, Media Mavens, Publicity and Marketing Experts, Inventors and Presenters.

Most of them began with a simple blog or website, and by the skill of their ability to communicate, have turned their passion into financially viable businesses.

I’m excited for them!

No longer do women (of all ages) have to plead to banks, goverments and partners to help them start-up a business. If they have a product and a means to communicate, they can do it themselves. Not only that but they are displaying a remarkable talent for it.

The aspect I’m really loving on though, is the nature of many of these enterprises. Mentorship, friendship, social conscience are high on the agendas.

It makes me think that maybe society is heading for better times!

Below is a list to whet your appetite:

Girls Above Society

Chelsea Krost

The Style and Go

Sarah Newton

Type A Parent

And for those who aren’t convinced there even is an industry …

NMX World – the future of content, community and commerce


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