My most excellent roving reporter Rena Nero attended the Peekaboo premiere screening at AFTRS and has sent in this short review:


I recently had the pleasure to see a screening of the short film Peekaboo, creation of producer Joe Weatherstone and director Damien Power, as well as meet some of the cast and crew that worked on it. I had no idea what to expect from the film but can say now I’m very glad I was given this opportunity.

Peekaboo is a short film that manages to fit a great deal of impact into a very short amount of time, leaving strong emotions in its wake. It follows a mother and her two young daughters as they return from a fun day out and turns into a mother’s worst nightmare that includes a stranger and a chance encounter. Justine Clarke is wonderful as the mother, Jillian, making every reaction and emotion in this film feel so very genuine and you understand each reaction and thought as if it’s your own. But, in the end, are they the right ones?

Beyond what was on the screen, what made this such a great short film was definitely the creative team behind it. Speaking to crew members after the screening, I got a real sense of love and passion for the project from everyone involved, from the producer and director to those in wardrobe and AV. That passion combined with so much creativity and out-of-the-box thinking (the entire thing was shot in high definition using a Canon 7D SLR instead of a standard video camera) created a film that fits right into our current social mindset and makes you think.

Rena Nero:

Rena is a Canadian costume designer and photographer who has spent most of the last decade living in Sydney, Australia. She has a background in the theatre, specializing in historical period clothing, and is currently working on the production of her first short film.

Am currently dividing my time between Queensland Community Flood Relief and keeping the Angel Arias on track. Please, if you are thinking of making a donation, bring in the things listed on the Facebook page, not general junk from your back room. It wastes the volunteers’ time sorting through half used bottles and empty flowerpots.

In booky news … pleased to say that Genre Flash #5 is available from this link: Genre Flash 5. This is a catalogue of many of the recent genre releases in Australia and is put together by Lindy Cameron. Half way through the document is my article on Writing Across Genres.

Also, a bit of fun for me this week (and you know how I love a bit of fun!). Thanks to Bruce Moyle and (Cool) Shite on the Tube, I’ll be going to the press day on the set of Iron Sky at Warner Brothers on the Gold Coast. I’ll be reporting back on the experience and the movie (which looks awesome – see trailer below) for both MDPWeb and Cool Shite.

My stars must in movie land this week because I also got an invite to the preview screening of producer, Joanne Weatherstone’s new short thriller, Peekaboo. Unfortunately this one’s in Sydney and I can’t get there. However, I’m going to some lengths to secure you insider info. Stand by for a feature on Joanne and a blog about the movie from a MDPWeb representative.


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