I have a long history with James Bond. As a little girl my dad would take me to the cinema every time a new Bond movie was released. It was something I looked forward to from one year to the next. I also spent my early reading days thumbing Dad’s Ian Fleming paperbacks, wishing I was old enough to read them.

Like everyone else, I’ve watched the franchise evolve and attempt to remain relevant. I really loved Casino Royale and accepted Daniel Craig as the new Bond without a qualm. Quantam of Solace was fun but not brilliant and now Skyfall.

Things I enjoyed about it:

Javier Bardem pretty much acted everyone else off the stage – no mean feat when you’re opposite Dame Judi Dench. His ex-spy-gone-rogue-with-a-mummy-complex was the best baddie acting to ever grace a Bond movie. Bravo!

Loved the title sequence and Adele’s song is really superb – usurping the Live and Let Die theme as my favourite.

The opening motorbike sequence was pretty damn fine. My husband (a long time off-road rider) had sweaty palms.

Ralph Fiennes delivered his part with aplomb.

Things I didn’t like:

Craig lacked any chemistry with his onscreen ladies and there was no spark to give Bond his dangerously attractive edge.

The fact that both Craig and Dench looked exhausted for the entire movie (Bond was supposed to be exhausted for the first part of the movie – but it never really went away).

Severine was way too much of a victim and had too little face-time for her story to mean anything (which was a shame, ‘cos I think she had potential).

Things I’m unsure about:

Building a personal story arc between Bond and “M” is quite a tough task, considering that both of them are supposed to be emotionally zipped up. It kind of seemed like they cancelled each other out with stiff upper lip. However, that may also be why Javier was such a powerful foil for them.

The Ending was pretty dissatisfying. Can’t say too much because of spoilers!

All in all, I’m glad I went to see it and I’d like to rewatch it on DVD to let it soak in a little more. But I came away with mixed feelings that threaten to stay that way.







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