So excited to see the first Trans Space review, particularly from The Falcata Times who’ve read all my books. Here’s a snip:

“It’s fast paced, the characters rounded and Marianne always has a trick up her sleeve to keep the reader guessing as to what’s going to happen as she cleverly manipulates what you’re seeing like a talented word magician.

It’s beautifully written, the dialogue is crisp and the pace is the thing that really keeps you glued to the last page as she knows how to excite and calm the reader down. Finally add a great overall plot to the tale and you know that it’s going to give you something a little special which makes this a serious series for a new generation that will continue to build as well as maintain a hard hitting pace. Great stuff from this antipodean author.”

– And here’s a link to an interview I did for The Courier Mail recently.

– IO9 have a great explanation of NASA’s announcement on their discovery about arsenic-based life.

– Stand by for an update on a live chat I’ll be doing for ASFFWA soon.

Peacemaker sample has officially gone to my publishers. YAY!

I’m overjoyed to say that my wonderful agent and equally wonderful publisher are sick of me wibbling on about my cowpunk story and have told me to go and write it so they can see if they like it. My fingers are itching to start clickety clicking but first I’ll get out my Timeline Cowboys series and my Zane Grey’s and enjoy a bit of genre submergence (???). Stephen Dedman has also recommended the anthology Razored Saddles. If anyone’s read any good modern weird westerns, please sing out. Skull Full of Spurs looks interesting, and here’s a great review from IO9 for the new Cowboys and Aliens movie:

“Along with the rest of the crowd, I was left breathless and wondering how this would all play out. Will this be hard science fiction, or more fantastical like the Indiana Jones series? What will the aliens look like? Is Harrison Ford actually playing a bad guy? And Daniel Craig as a cowboy? Sign me the fuck up. Seriously – I predict that this film, based on a comic book by Scott Rosenberg, is going to be mindblowingly awesome when it comes out this time next year.”

Well, I’m going to put the whole Sentients of Orion thing behind me as of now.

Below is the TOC from Fablecroft Publishing’s upcoming anthology Australis Imaginarium. I’m sure you’ll agree this will be a great read:

“Once a Month, on a Sunday” by Ian McHugh

“Night Heron’s Curse” by Thoraiya Dyer

“Hunter of Darkness, Hunter of Light” by Michael Pryor

“A Pig’s Whisper” by Margo Lanagan

“Stealing Free” by Deborah Biancotti

“Suffer the Little Children” by  Rowena Cory Daniells

“Virgin Jackson” by Marianne de Pierres

“The Claws of Native Ghosts” by Lee Battersby

“The Jacaranda Wife” by Angela Slatter

“The Dark Under the Skin” by Dirk Strasser

“Red Ochre” by Lucy Sussex

“Passing the Bone” by Sean Williams

And … the IO9 newsletter brought a lovely article on Sparticles today (Super Symmetry Particles). That name alone is worthy of a short story. Love it! Here is a snip from it:

The more exciting possibility is that an as yet undiscovered, undetected particle is messing with the interaction between the muon and the proton, skewing the result. These mystery particles might be wonderfully named “sparticles”, hypothetical particles predicted by the quantum theory of supersymmetry. Sparticles (short for supersymmetry particles) are partners of the various known subatomic particles that are thought to be 1,000 times more massive than their known counterparts and existed for only trillionths of a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang.

So much great stuff to think about!


davitt-award  aurealis-award   logo-curtin-university

Peacemaker - Aurealis Award
Best Science Fiction Novel 2014

Curtin University Distinguished Alumni Award 2014

Transformation Space - Aurealis Award
 Best Science Fiction Novel 2010

Sharp Shooter - Davitt Award
Best Crime Novel 2009 (Sisters in Crime Australia) 





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