A fairly out of the box video when it was released that always reminds me of the Chronicles of Riddick – something about the colour and nature of the sets, I think. What I love about this video clip, is its committment to an artistic vision that stepped well outside the normal dance and club scene footage.

Kudos to Linkin Park for alluding to other worlds and for getting wet for the sake of their art, and because … the flying whale.

On that subject wiki has this to say: A strange-looking whale can be seen flying around the large statue during most of the video, specifically at the end of the video. The whale in the video was Joe Hahn’s idea. He has been quoted as saying, “It’s not like I pulled it out of my ass; it made sense to me.” The reasoning behind its inclusion is still unknown. The whale could be identified as a “space whale” which takes the concept that life (or time) is too short for one to absorb all its mass surroundings. The whale also makes a brief appearance in the music video for “Shadow of the Day” ~wikipeida

Great song, great band, iconic clip!


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