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Amanda Wrangles has never moved far from where she grew up on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne. An active member of Sisters in Crime Australia (winning their 2009 Scarlet Stiletto award for short story writing), she delights in books that dare to cross the lines in genre – particularly between crime and the paranormal world. Follow Amanda’s food and writing blog.


The Davee LadyThere’s some exciting stuff happening over at Australian publisher, Clan Destine Press.

Going back a few months ago, Lindy Cameron (head honcho at CDP) sent out an invitation to a number of Australian genre writers to a brand new anthology she was putting together.

Lindy’s idea was to collect a bunch of adventure stories for a Great Big Book of Adventure Tales. The kind of stories that have the reader flipping pages fast, dying to know what happens next, what dire straits would the author throw their characters into, and how would they overcome it. How would they find the stolen artwork, the missing space ship, the ancient relic hidden deep beneath the island grotto in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle while swinging from a bi-plane?

So, the title And ThenThe Great Big Book of Adventure Tales was born. Along with the invitation came some guidelines. Clan Destine wanted not one, but TWO main characters. Not a hero and sidekick kind of deal, but two real protagonists; best buddies, comrades, siblings or colleagues. The characters didn’t have to be human, but they did have to be equal. The stories also had to have an Australian flavour to them.

Lots of writerly folk got excited. Lindy was encouraging writers to think outside the box, to write away or within or between their ‘usual’ genres. She wanted the authors to play. She also offered them far more words than is usual in a short story anthology to tell their stories in – five to fifteen thousand. Fifteen thousand! That’s novella size, rather than short.

And Then... bannerI was lucky enough to be one of the writers invited. My story, Come Now, Traveller is actually one of the shorter tales to be accepted in And Then… While I generally write crime, or, more recently science fiction, this time I got to delve into a nautical steam-punkish kind of world, with some fantasy thrown in for good measure.

Come Now, Traveller is the story of a ship – The Davee Trader – her captain and the next in line. There’s a surgery scene, opiates, fights, jealousy and lust. There’s the Davee’s own brand of history, mythology and family dysfunction. But most of all, it’s about The Davee Lady, the carved timber figurehead that leads the Trader through the sea, told by the two who love her.

Of all the short stories I’ve written, this one was the biggest challenge for me personally. It’s also (now) my favourite world to play in. So…I’d love to see it in print.

And that’s where all the authors, Clan Destine Press and Lindy need your help. You see, when writers are given a huge maximum word count like fifteen thousand words, we generally use it. So LOTS of the invited writers have written big adventure tales for this big book. In fact, so many of us did just that – there’ll now be two gorgeous volumes to sit side by side in your shelf (or e-reader).

But here’s the thing: Clan Destine has to pay us. We didn’t quite come in under budget. So they’re running an Indiegogo campaign to get things moving. For contributors to the campaign, there’s SO many goodies as reward, including of course, the two huge paperback volumes with stories from over thirty of Australia’s ‘finest genre fictioneers’ for only $50. Yep, serious. Fifty bucks for two bricks of books.

Lindy has also enlisted the services of fabulous illustrator, Vicky Pratt. You can see here the utterly gorgeous work she has done of my own Davee Lady Figurehead. She’s so perfect, I must admit the first time I saw her, I might have shed a tear. Every story in the collection will have its own illustration and title page. And, just check out this Table of Contents and the authors involved. There’s some huge Australian names in there:


Peter M Ball – Deadbeats

Alan Baxter – Golden Fortune, Dragon Jade

Mary Borsellino – The Australian Gang

Lindy Cameron – The Medusa Code

Kat Clay – In the Company of Rogues

Emilie Collyer – The Panther’s Paw

Jack Dann – The Talking Sword

Sarah Evans – Plumbing the Depths

Jason Franks – Exli and the Dragon

James Hopwood – The Lost Loot of Lima

Kelly Gardiner – Boots and the Bushranger

David Greagg & Kerry Greenwood – Cruel Sister

Narrelle M Harris – Moran & Cato: Virgin Soil

Maria Lewis – The Bushwalker Butcher

Sophie Masson – The Romanov Opal

Keith McArdle – The Demon’s Cave

Jason Nahrung – The Mermaid Club

Andrew Nette – Save a Last Kiss for Satan

Amanda Pillar – It

Michael Pryor – Cross Purposes

Dan Rabarts – Tipuna Tapu

Tansy Rayner Roberts – Death at the Dragon Circus

Finn J Ross – Genemesis

Tor Roxburgh – The Boudicca Society

Amanda Wrangles – Come Now, Traveller

Alison Goodman – The Benevolent Society of Ill-Mannered Ladies

Sulari Gentill – The Stranding

Lucy Sussex – Sabah

Cameron Ashley – Dogs Leave Home to Die

Evelyn Tsitas – Stealing Back the Relics


So, head on over and check out the Indiegogo campaign. Contributions can start from as little as $5.

Hope you can join us on this wild adventure ride!

I have a few interesting links to post today. Firstly is my stuff; my Geek Speak magazine article on publishing with small press called Working for the Woman, followed by a lovely, thoughful review of Glitter Rose from Kate Nagy at Geek Speak. The Falcata Times also have a review of Glitter Rose that’s about to go live. Here’s a sneak peak:

Glitter Rose – Marianne de Pierres

Brought together in this compendium for the first time, a collection of short stories that helped to launch Marianne’s writing career which demonstrate beautifully the talent behind her work.

All appeared in print in various compendiums over the years and yet when you read them back to back you get an eerie sense of beauty as well as the lovingly crafted characters that inhabit this world. Each individual tale builds upon the previous making it pretty hard to put down and whilst this offering is quite short there is a bonus title at the end that demonstrates an almost Poeish twist to the author that allows the reader to wonder where her talents end. A seriously delightful collection and one that I can’t recommend enough to the reader. Great stuff.

Over at the Burn Bright site the Lauren Kate interview has gone off the dial on hits. If you haven’t heard of these books (Fallen and Torment) then you must have been napping under a sound proof rock. There’s also a review and interview with the talented Michelle Zink. And Belinda’s column, By the Bel is underway. She’s talked about Steampunk and Rockabilly, but we’ve got Zombies plus more Steampunk (from Bec) and Cyberpunk (from Jamie) coming up.

I hope to be able to show you the 13th Street interview I did with Tara Moss, soonish. It will be up on the Marianne Delacourt site when I have a link. Must be something in my stars about SBS because I’ll be filming a segement with my mate Sean Williams in a few weeks for another SBS programme. More to come on that later.

But the BIG news is – if you’re in Melbourne – that you should get on over to the launch of Clandestine Press. You know my fears that  we’ll lose all our  female SF writers? Well Lindy assures me she won’t let that happen. So support her new venture and have a drink for me. Details below or at the Clandestine website!

Clan Destine Press launch.


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Peacemaker - Aurealis Award
Best Science Fiction Novel 2014

Curtin University Distinguished Alumni Award 2014

Transformation Space - Aurealis Award
 Best Science Fiction Novel 2010

Sharp Shooter - Davitt Award
Best Crime Novel 2009 (Sisters in Crime Australia) 





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