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On March 7th at 8pm EST, tune in to to join the live podcast interview with Marianne de Pierres and Yunyu on the eve of their dual book and single release.

Her Royal Madness, Yunyu, has produced a stunning single, Angel Arias, written to complement de Pierres’ first young adult dark fantasy novel, Burn Bright. Bruce Moyle and David Quinn from CoolShite will interview them and play Yunyu’s single in a world premiere. Join the fun and win giveaway packs that include both the single and the book!

Listen to the teaser for the single


Watch the Book Trailer


Questions for Yunyu and Marianne can be emailed to CoolShite via: or use the voicemail line @ (02) 8011 4365 or Skype @ razorbolt

For more information go to:

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Very excited to report that Ilona Andrews and Gregory Frost will both be guest blogging here in the next month. I love it when we have visitors!

And some rather exciting-making reviews for Burn Bright have been coming in.

Renee at YA Book Reads says:

“… a fictional location that is entirely fresh and unprecedented in YA fantasy … everything flowed so effortlessly. Descriptions were lush, sensual and evocative, but never bogged down in superfluous detail …” Read the full review here.


Burn Bright is an epic and mystifying new novel from Australian writer, Marianne de Pierres. The novel is a cross between Logan’s Run, Lord of the Flies and The Beach with a healthy dose of sci-fi steampunk thrown in for good measure. It is incredible, and should most certainly be appearing on everyone’s ‘Must Read’ list for 2011!” Read the rest of ALPHA Reader’s review here.

That’s a bunch of goodies for a Friday. But coming Monday there’s more with the release of Yunyu’s song sample of Angel Arias on YouTube. We’ll also have the details of a live podcast that will bring Angel Arias fully into the world for the first time.

And lastly, I will have my Burn Bright tour details soon. A little birdy whispered in my ear that Galaxy Bookshop is on the list. That means cake with Mark Timmony!

All that remains is for me to finish my Angel Arias (bk 2). With just under three weeks to delivery, this might be the last bit of sense you get out of me for a while. Please send out search parties if I haven’t blogged by midweek!

Thought it was time for a ‘Writing the Novel’ update. Angel Arias, bk 2 of the Night Creatures trilogy has been an interesting beast. Book 1 centered around the world of Ixion which was darkly glamorous and exciting. Bk 2 is the story of the main character’s return to her home, the sinister and oppressive Grave. There is no velvet and lace and mind altering substances here; it’s more coffins and misery and dangerous underground journeys – an altogether different worldbuilding mindset.

I’ve surprised myself by my choices with it – writing scenes in mausoleums and funeral parlours; my characters having to steal clothes from the dead. Interestingly, not my normal resonances, and yet absolutely right for the story. The process of novel writing is so fascinating in terms of what it reveals to (and about!) the author.

On the PEACEMAKER front, I had a lovely and unexpected email from a descendant of Sam Sixkiller offering some background information for the novel. I was delighted with this and am really looking forward to reading it. The series (2-3 books) is now being looked at by the publisher and I hope to have some news by the end March.

And you can standby for some wonderful news on the Tara Sharp series. Can’t share quite yet, but SOON!

Below are some images that will give you an idea of how my mind is drifting between different kinds of worlds and stories. I LOVE my job.

Angel Arias resonance

Tara Sharp resonance

Peacemaker resonance


davitt-award  aurealis-award   logo-curtin-university

Peacemaker - Aurealis Award
Best Science Fiction Novel 2014

Curtin University Distinguished Alumni Award 2014

Transformation Space - Aurealis Award
 Best Science Fiction Novel 2010

Sharp Shooter - Davitt Award
Best Crime Novel 2009 (Sisters in Crime Australia) 





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