All jewelry by Belinda’s Baubles. Click images to enlarge.

The Empress

$30.00 AUD inc postage

40cm Dog Ear stitch small nickel plated rings. 4 bail floral joiners. Quartz bead embellishment.


Blue Empress

40cm silver and diamante filagree joiners with Dog Ear stitch. Small Nickel plated rings. Toggle clasp.

$25 AUD inc postage


Dog Ear stitch. 45cm Small Nickel plated rings. Toggle clasp. Small blue bead embellishment.

$25 AUD inc postage


Spring Equinox

60cm Dog Ear stitch. Small nickel plated rings. Toggle clasp. Glass lampwork beads joined with 20 guage wire.

$25 AUD inc postage


$35.00 AUD inc postage


Single Bead

Round mail necklace with single handmade bead

$30 AUD inc postage

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