So What Do you Do the Year You Turn 50?

A couple of days until my half century and I’ve been reflecting on some things, specifically, what I want to change and what I want to keep in my life. I’ll keep refining them as the year progresses. Have also jotted down a bit of a wish list.

What do I want to keep?

My work ethic which I think is pretty good.

Keep building on seeing the positives in things

Keep looking for the humourous – stay in touch with the child

Keeping helping people where I can – but increase

Keep anxiety at bay

Stay as physically fit as my body will let me.

What do I want to change?

My propensity to sit at home. I want to see and do more things. I’d like to be somewhere else on New Years Eve next year – Moscow or London or Madrid. I want to make the effort!

I want to be braver with opportunities.

My reprehensible tendency to not ring people back. Get over my phone phobia!

Not let pessimism and defeatist attitudes EVER get a hold of me!

Things I’d Like to Do (aka The Bucket List)

Write an episode/episodes for a quality TV series (like Spooks or Fringe) and have it producedThis is a BIG one for me!

Go to WNBA and NBA games – another big one

Travel (specific destinations in mind but won’t bore you)

Sing in a choir (but only one that does my kind of music – not something stodgy)

Have one of my books adapted for film or TV and actually produced!

  • I was reading Death most Definite last night and thought – couldn’t an Australian company produce a miniseries based on this, instead of another “serial number filed off” Amercian crime clone, or another Medium/Ghost Whisperer

    So perhaps you could team up with Trent and pitch a pilot :)

    Oh and happy birthday when it arrives.

    Speaking of defeatest attitudes, I was reading n Article by Dame Judi Dench, where she revealed that she didn’t think she had made it in movies because she hadn’t been in a blockbuster.

    Sometime I think we fail to allow ourselves to recognize our achievements.

    As for producing a TV show of your works, I think that Tara Sharp might get a better run than your scifi stuff. Which do you think would be mos likely to be made? Which would you like to have made into a movie or series?

  • Marianne

    Hi Sean,

    well, I’m sure Trent doesn’t need my help to pitch his series. :)

    For my own work – Nylon Angel would adapt well to movie. Tara Sharp would adapt well to TV.

  • Oh yes Tara would make a great TV series! And I’d love to see a Nylon Angel movie. I’d vote for animated (by a really good Japanese animation house!) but that’s just my personal preferences coming through :)

  • Cels

    A Tara and Parrish TV series :)

  • Marianne

    i don’t know that there is much i can do about it Jo but I can always wish :)

  • Marianne

    the world might explode cels!

  • Rowena

    Life just keeps getting better after 50, M.
    Sending hugz. R

  • Saw a short clip of Moscow’s New Year’s fireworks, and it looked amazing against the backdrop of those old buildings – love their architecture! :-)

  • Ju

    What an awesome list for the year! Here’s to fulfilling beyond your wildest dreams :) *love*


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