Saving Grace

I remember when I was working in a country public library a few years ago, a young man came in and told me how one particular Bryce Courtenay book had changed his life. He was so emphatic and passionate that the memory stuck with me over the years. I had no doubt that his life really had been altered.

Fast forward to now. I’ve just finished watching the three series of Saving Grace starring Holly Hunter, and I think I’ve just had a glimpse into how that young man felt. I don’t know that SG has changed me forever but it has certainly had a profound affect – so much so that I’m struggling to watch other shows at the moment because they seem so insipid in comparison.

Something about the whole dialogue on “faith” and the wild, untamed nature of of Grace’s character pierced right through me. I think I’m still processing  exactly what that means. I’ll get back to you on it.

In the mean time, here is the trailer that’ goes with Everlast’s beautiful theme song.

  • I don’t really have that much of a perlbom with guns themselves. I view a gun as a tool. They do make sense in rural towns, farms, etc. Do you need one in downtown New York.. thats a stretch. As for bringing them to church.. using the tool verbage.. would you show off your shovel at church? Do you put your child in one hand and a pick axe in the other? Its showmanship and bravado to bring a gun to church. Of course would I allow a police officer to bring a gun into church.. of course. Its a tool he uses while at work. Assuming he is in uniform and “working” it MAY make sense. I would hope there is rational judgment used. Say the president went to church, you would assume there would be men in the church with guns and it would still be consistent with Christ’s teaching. That is just my quick thoughts… but to Bob’s point. I think in the situation described its rather foolish and makes no sense.Chuck


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