When life is more of the same, reviews that drop from Internet heaven are the best. First here’s one for Angel Arias – the song, written and performed by Yunyu to act as a companion for Burn Bright:

Angel Arias + Burn Bright (book) = Pure Brilliance

by Firelighter18

I can’t rave more about this song if you’ve never heard of Yunyu I would recommend buying this song as it gives you a fantastic taste of what Yunyu has to offer in her music. If this is your first time hearing her I would also suggest buying Lenore’s Songand You Are Expendable both are simply excellent!

This song perfectly captures the book Burn Bright by Marianne de Pierres I would recommend to you the novel as well it’s very dark,strange and gothic but a magnificence story to read with strong character’s and an amazing world that is unforgettable and it’s by far my favourite series to read. ; )

BUY the song from iTunes

Then there’s Colleen Cahill’s lovely review for Glitter Rose which happened to coincide with another fabulous review that appeared on Shock Totem.

To round it off, Musings of a Hobbyist talks about Dark Space.


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