Not to be Forgotten

I’m going to blog this now before time steals the fresh memory. Having been away from home a bit the last few weeks, I was a little sad to be leaving my family again and heading to Melbourne. But tonight erased my blues altogether. My publicist and I met with a colleague (ie Persnickety Snark) on the Roof Top bar above Cookies. I walked across town to get there and spent the whole time marveling at how happy everyone looked because of the balmy evening. Friday after work and the bars and cafes were filled with smiling people. I got to Cookies and had to walk up five floors (ten gazillion steps) because the lift was broken. But it was SO worth it. We chatted about all things books as the sun melted away in favour of the merest sliver of moon. The open air bar lit with party lights and the music leaked out into the world’s perfect evening.

Then Peri and I walked a few blocks to a Japanese restaurant where we met her brothers; both delightful and full of life. We laughed and talked film and television and books and family – all the good things in life.

Now I’m back in the hotel with computer and my dessert (apple crumble and banana coconut icecream) and feeling the love for Room Service.

Tonight I am lucky.


davitt-award  aurealis-award   logo-curtin-university

Peacemaker - Aurealis Award
Best Science Fiction Novel 2014

Curtin University Distinguished Alumni Award 2014

Transformation Space - Aurealis Award
 Best Science Fiction Novel 2010

Sharp Shooter - Davitt Award
Best Crime Novel 2009 (Sisters in Crime Australia) 





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