MDP On TV: White Collar

I started watching White Collar when I ran out of other DVD’s on my list and it was a pleasant surprise. I’d caught bits of episodes on TV but couldn’t really get a handle on it. Not enough to make me rush out and buy it at least.

When I finally did pick it up, I found season one entertaining, particularly the character of Mozzie (Willie Garson is brilliant, and this character has much more depth than his role in Sex in the City) – his devotion to Neal and his paranoia about ‘big brother’ and the ‘suits’ from the FBI. It was also very refreshing to have the banter between characters circle around culture and the arts for a change.

Season two seemed to settle in and get much stronger. Some episodes were quite gripping and Neal’s duplicity is so well handled that he remains lovable despite it. I would like to have seen a little more character development between Burke and his wife (Tiffani Thiessen) but the Mozzie – Peter – Neal triangle takes centre stage.

I’ll be really interested to see where the ‘through story’ goes in season 3. I’d describe this show as quite delicate. And rather delicious for it. Oh, and Matt Boma is way past gorgeous.

  • I love Matt Bomer and White Collar *soooooooo* much!!! S3 is interesting and is very roller coaster like emotionally, but I can say that the direction it ultimately goes works, and S4 is so far full of all the awesomeness that the dynamic of three you mention share. I always want to see more from Elizabeth – but I am pleased she gets to be consistently competent, intelligent, loving and herself without being diminished – but they could *use* her more.

  • Thanks for your comments Ju. WC is a slow burn for me and that’s nice.

  • tndok

    love this sooooo much!expecting the new episodes!


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