Guest Post: Anne Bishop

Letting Go

The SaDiablo family has been part of my life for the past 20 years. During that time, I recorded Daemon’s and Lucivar’s transition from tormented slaves to warriors serving their beloved Queen to being the dominant males in Kaeleer.

As the stories progressed, they became men who have firm control over the lands they rule—and a much more slippery hold on the women in their lives. I watched Saetan, family patriarch and High Lord of Hell, stumble through the challenges of being a single parent. And I followed Jaenelle as she changed from haunted child to powerful queen. All of those personal changes kept me coming back to these characters and the Black Jewels world, visiting them from time to time to share their lives again.

With the stories in Twilight’s Dawn, the SaDiablos have told me it’s time to let go. Some of the questions readers have been asking since the Black Jewels Trilogy was first published have been answered. Other questions may always remain a mystery for all of us—and that’s as it should be. Sometimes the veil that keeps a character from being fully revealed is as important to our enjoyment of a story as the things we are allowed to see.

Does that mean these are the last Black Jewels stories? No, I don’t think so. But the lives of the SaDiablo family have changed, and experience has taught me that it is better to let a place and a people rest for a while before exploring the next set of stories. So I’m gathering up my notes and tucking them away until I return to the Black Jewels world again to visit these long-time friends. In the meantime, I’m writing a story set in Ephemera, and may even explore a new world that has been beckoning lately.

Letting go. It’s not forever. And when I return to the Realms, I’m sure the SaDiablo family and their friends will have more stories to tell.


Visit my web site——at the end of November for excerpts from three of the stories in Twilight’s Dawn.


Anne Bishop lives in upstate New York where she enjoys gardening, music, and writing dark, romantic stories. She is the author of thirteen novels, including the award-winning Black Jewels Trilogy. Her most recent novel is Twilight’s Dawn, a collection set in the Black Jewels world.

  • I can not wait for Twilight’s Dawn even if this is the end for awhile. These books are at the top of my favorites list. I just finished rereading the initial trilogy.

    I love your characters and the world building and reread these stories for inspiration.

    Good luck with your future projects.

  • I am really looking forward to reading Twilight’s Dawn. The Black Jewels series are among my all time favorites, and although I’ll be sad that you won’t be revisiting this world again for a while, I’m equally as excited to read more about Ephemera and any new books from you. It has certainly been wonderful watching the SaDiablo’s grow as characters throughout this series and I’ll be first in line when the time comes that you do decide to revisit them. Thanks so much for these and all of your other wonderful novels!!

  • While I am terribly, terribly saddened to hear that we’re closing in on the end – I am also heartened to hear that a return is always possible. These books have always held a special place in my heart – they have been read and re-read until the covers fell off and pages inside started to come loose from the binding. Truly one of the most touching, deep and unexpected series I’ve ever read.
    Thank you, Anne, for sharing your wonderful vision of these characters with us.

  • Rena

    Thank you so much for this. It’s sad that the Black Jewels are coming to a close, for now, but I still look forward to all the new work Ms Bishop will write in the future. There isn’t anything she has written that I have not enjoyed and Ephemera is a very close second for me to the Black Jewels, so I look forward to more from that world. :)

    Must say, I’m also very much looking forward to a certain cowpunk novel! ;)

  • Thanks, everyone. I’m glad you enjoyed reading the stories as much as I enjoyed writing them. When it’s time for me to return to the Realms, the characters will let me know. They always do. :)

  • I admit to being sad.. I love every jeweled book I have read and read most of them so many times now I had to buy new copies of them.. I was eagerly waiting for more stories from Lady Cassidy and the propsed changes for the kindred.. since some are ‘working’ for wages..

    but alas.. I understand.. I can still reread the books out now.. and imagine what their lives would be like and the further changes the kindred make as the evolve as well..

  • Mary

    I’ve been reading and re-reading all of your books and stories since the 1990s. You have a facility with characters and dialog, and the extended SaDiablo family have become close friends over the years. Because of an extended period of unemployment, I’ve been able to re-read all of the books and stories in order several times. They bring me comfort as the characters meet hardships and obstacles with love and an ethical framework. I find new points to think about with each reading. Thank you for creating such a wonderful world. I’m looking forward to Twilight’s Dawn – if only to see how the SaDiablos evolve and adapt.

    Thank you again for so many hours of pleasure and the underlying message of hope.

  • maciel

    i just recently discovered your books and I really… really love them. i consider the Black Jewels as your gift to me as a writer–you did not quibble. you gave those characters your all and you were so brave, and I really thank you for it. the Ephemera, i consider a personal gift. Tir Allain is painful reading, but still one of the best books I’ve ever enjoyed. thank you, thank you, thank you. your books will be with me til i grow old and the kids has gone away. thank you.

  • When I begin a story, I make two promises. The first is to the characters that I will let them be who and what they are, without judgment, and I will write their story as honestly as I can. The second promise is to the reader to write that story to the best of my ability. I think it’s because of that first promise that the characters live and breath on the page, facing their sorrows and celebrating their triumphs. And I think it’s because I also keep my second promise well enough that they live and breathe for you too. (By the way, there will be a new Ephemera book in 2012–Lee’s story.)

  • “I think it’s because of that first promise that the characters live and breath on the page, facing their sorrows and celebrating their triumphs. And I think it’s because I also keep my second promise well enough that they live and breathe for you too.”

    Beautifully said! And this is why you are always on my list of favorite authors!

  • Marianne

    And I think that is why Anne is one of my favourite people, Donna. She has a lot of integrity.

  • Ian

    I have to agree that sometimes it is definitely better to let go and let the audience wonder rather than to write a story just to write a story. (I’m specifically thinking of a different author’s series where I loved the first 4 books in the series, and the last three were pumped out back to back which made me wish I had never read them).

    As far as the Black Jewels are concerned there are a lot of stories that I would love to read and know about, but part of me wants it to be a mystery if for no other reason then it can give rise to debate amongst fellow fans.

    If the SaDiablo family must rest, either temporarily or permanently, then so be it.

  • Kriss

    I will admit to being quite sad when I first read about this long-term sabbatical from the Black Jewels world, but I also understand the necessity. I have been an avid reader of all of Anne’s books, and will continue to do so. I’m eager to see what other works she might provide for us, as her ability to produce such wonderfully developed characters and truly original worlds…

    Anne, good luck in all that you do! Your fans are right behind you!

  • I have noticed a pattern when it comes to the Black Jewels books. I wrote four books, then broke to write the Tir Alainn trilogy. Came back for one book, then wrote the two in Ephemera. The Blood dangled more stories in front of me and that was the current run of four books. So for now, I’ll work on the stories that are pushing to be told. When it’s time to go back to the Realms, I’ll know.

  • Oh! Almost forgot to mention. An excerpt from Twilight’s Dawn goes up on my website ( on November 30, USA time.

  • Crystal

    Firtly, I would like to thank Anne for writing these books. I first picked the trilogy up at 14, and I find I get something new out of each of these books each time I read them. These books have also gottne me through some tough times, and I think that’s because, despite being phenomenally powerful, your characters are still very real, and that makes their trials and triumphs real as well.

    I am somewhat saddened to see that you’re leaving this world for the time being, and I will hop up and down like a crazy person when you announce a new Blood book.

    I look forward to your future works, Anne. Thank you for giving me countless hours of enjoyment reading, and just as many hours debating with friends – debates that generally end up with us laughing and jsut wondering what you’ll do next.

    Thank you.

  • Astrometheus

    First of all I want to thank you Anne for all your beautiful work in the Dark Jewels universe. Me and my entire family have read most of your books and keep re-reading them just for the pure enjoyment they bring. I am sad to hear you are taking some time away from the SaDiablos but I understand the need to explore new venues and to take greater knowledge from those experiences and when and if you decide to come back to the Jewels universe, you will awe and inspire us yet again. Really looking fordward to reading Twilight’s Dawn and debating with my three sisters and girlfriend about it. Keep up the great work.

  • Roach

    Firstly, a huge thank you to Anne for this amazing series of books. I have read and re-read all the Black Jewels novels. It is sad that you are moving away from the SaDiablos for a while, but hopefully you will return to their universe and write more amazing books, before I get silver hairs. I do want to clarify though, you will eventually return to the Black Jewels won’t you? PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE say you will.

  • I don’t know if there will be stories about familiar characters or new ones, but I’m pretty sure I’ll go back to the Realms someday. Right now I’m working on an Ephemera story and want to explore some new ideas.

  • Tamara Duryea

    I just recently starting reading your books. I started with Pillars of the World. I just finished Shadows and Light. Let me say I loved them very much. I read each oh them in two and a half days. I just went down to the book store to get The Housr of Gaian. I cant wait to find out what happens on Lady Ashk journey. I really love the characters in these stories. I am havin the owner of the book store get me Daughter of the Blood. I cant wait to read the Black Jewels Trilogy! Outstanding. Thank you so much. I really do love those books.

  • I’m glad you enjoyed the world of the Fae. I hope you find the Realms of the Blood just as interesting.

  • Peggy

    I do love the Black Jewel novels. I work at a bookstore & have sold lots of your books because they have such depth. I am sad to see them end & after reading some reviews – I am reluctant since you are killing off Janelle. I am with alot of your fans & hoped because since she is “Dreams Made Flesh” that her life would be extented. Maybe not thousands of years but at least hundreds. I will read the new book – but with sorrow.

  • Susi

    Oh, I was hoping for Tersa’s story. The SaDiablo’s future might be wrapped up, but the history is something else!
    Hopefully when the Blood call you back to the Realms, Tersa’s story will be one of those siren-songs!

  • Peggy, it is sad to say good-bye to a character, especially one we’ve known for a while. But we’ve all known the day would come, and the question has always been: What will happen to Daemon when that day comes? It was time to tell that story.

    Susi, Tersa never reveals much about herself. I don’t know that we’re meant to hear her story. But someone will call me back there, whether it’s to tell a story about characters we know or someone we haven’t met yet.

  • Kris

    Spoiler Alerts, Please. If I read Peggy correctly, it sounds like Janelle will be “killed off”. That is news I would have prefered learning after the book was released, and I had a chance to read the circumstances around it myself. I’m not really sure I want to know now. Sad.

  • Ian

    Actually, from what I’ve gathered from the spoilers here it’s less “killed off” and more “Aged off,” and I would still rather read it for myself then believe anything I hear from someone else.

  • Ana

    Well, when I was reading The Shalador’s Lady, I wasn’t really that focussed on Jaenelle’s ageing (everyone is ageing, right?). I thought that Daemon’s gonna die, after all, he’s pretty old. It’s sad to say so, but I’d miss him more (if I had to face that).

  • Ian

    true. except that Saetan is a guardian as is Geoffrey so their ages don’t mean much. Daemon and Lucivar both come from the long lived races, granted Anne has never really stated how long the long lived races live, but they often mention that they are 1700 years old and in their prime. Jaenelle comes from one of the short lived races, which when Daemon first talked Surreal into getting training he mentioned her people will lived 200 years at most, she may live a 1000 or more as she was half-breed/dual bloodlined.

    And the aging hasn’t really mattered in the stories yet as Shalador’s Lady only takes place about 3 years after Jaenelle purged the realms of Dorothea and Heketah’s taint.

  • You’re all worrying way too much about that story. :)

  • Brekka

    I love the Black jewels books, all of them, I loved Ephemera and Tir Alainn, but the Black Jewels have always sung to a place in my soul. When I randomly picked up Daughter of the Blood and read the first line I was hooked. I read them all a couple times a year and yes I have worn them out. I knew the day would come that we would have to lose Jaenelle and I have worried about Daemon, my heart aches already even though I knew it was coming after I read the trilogy. However I have already pre-ordered my copy and will read every story with the same fascination that they have all had for me.

    However, I have always wondered if we would get Lee’s story he was always a loose end that bothered me. So I will look forward to that and wait to see if the Realms call to you again.

  • I’m just finishing up Lee’s story and will turn it in to my U.S. editor by the end of the month. U.S. pub date is March 2012. Not sure about the pub date for the Australian edition.

  • Simone

    Thanke you for the Black Jewels Trilogy. I’m glade that it became famous enough. Otherwise I wouldn’t found it in a book store in the vicinity of my flat. Althoug I’m not a fantasy fan the books bring me a kind of piece, courage and hope.

  • I’m glad the trilogy gave you those things.

  • My essay about Twilight’s Dawn in now up at the Ace & Roc website.

    You can find it at:

  • Aisha

    Anne, I understood that Twilight’s Dawn is last Black Jewels book for now.You just finished wrightinng Lee’s story. Please could you tell me what will be your next project?I’ve been so curious since i read this article.

  • The release date in Australia is March 29.

  • Ian

    I said back in November and reiterated in January that I would withhold judgment until I read the book for myself and I have. After reading the entire book I am for the most part pleased at how things turned out. The first story was simple and had a bit of the SaDiablo humor that I’ve come to know and love. The Second tied up a few loose ends which was nice. The third was good, but seemed kind of forced, and the fourth was not what a lot of people feared. I actually enjoyed that one.

    Although in retrospect I wish I hadn’t read it while I was on lunch at work. When I got back my boss asked if I had a cold coming on because I sounded stuffy. Having to admit that a book made me a bit weepy was a bit embarrassing.

    After reading these four I see the potential for future stories. If the stories get told that will be great, if not I understand. The only thing I have left to say is…

    *Spoiler Alert*

    The High Lord has become a whisper in the Darkness…long live the High Lord.

  • Jan

    I just want to tell you Anne, how much I appreciate the storyline of the SaDiablo’s…brilliant. I purchased Twilight’s Dawn yesterday and finished it a few moments ago. I truly hope the blood speaks to you again soon. THANK YOU for being so in touch with your characters, your writings are truly a pleasure to read.

  • Aisha, the next project is still in the “discuss only with agent and editor” stage. When it’s official, I’ll let you all know.

    Ian, one of the advantages of the Black Jewels stories is that they don’t have to be linear. So future stories can come before or after the last story in Twilight’s Dawn.

    Jan, I’m glad you enjoyed the stories about the SaDiablos. Characters like that are a gift to a writer.

  • I just read twilights dawn, and enjoyed every moment I spent with the SaDiablo family. I loved it and oh so loved it. I hope you visit later, if only to tell us more stories of the Kindred (The ones with Cassidy who know make money.. heh the evolving of the relationships can go sooo far and I want to know just how far).. and ooh how I would love some of those kindred bedrime stories mentioned in the book.. Sheltie saves the day… I hope one day you feel up to going after them.. maybe one day I will have some bedtime stories to read to my future grandchildren!

  • Ravyn


    Thank you so much for bringing the Blood into my world. I love each of the SaDiablos and the coven and boyos!! I have had to purchase the first trilogy a couple of times as I gave them to friends to read and they fell in love and passed the books on as well. Twilights Dawn was funny, sad, and very heart warming. Thank you! I will miss the Realms while you are away..but they are always in my heart until you take us back there.

  • TEBZ

    Cried like a baby, its like gaining and losing members of your own family. These will be books that will (have) read over and over because there is always something that i missed the first 10 times. Thank you so much for introducing the world to this remarkable family and i look forward to future re-visits. i also love the Ephemera books as well, so there is still something to look forward to.

  • Anna

    OK, I’ve read Twilight’s Dawn and I don’t know what to think, or maybe I’ve got too much to say… but for one, I loved Winsol Gifts for hints how to manage under-the-tree crisis :D
    I thought some things would go differently, but I think the final version is better, sort of bittersweet with a hint of remembrance.
    Nothing will be the same, but I’d like to read some continuation… for example the Shalador plot ;)

    Take care,
    may the Darkness embrace you :)

  • Twilight’s Dawn made the New York Times bestsellers list, debuting at #14!

  • Maggie

    I stumbled upon Dreams Made Flesh several years ago, and after reading it I was in love with the characters. So needless to say I had to hunt up everything you had written up to that point, and have all of your books since. Twilight’s Dawn was an amazing read. I have read and reread and reread (hehe) these books and I know I will do the same with Twilight’s Dawn.
    I wish you luck in all you do. I can not wait to read your next book no matter the series you write about.

  • mary

    cried like a baby…okay needed a good cry but cried like a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love the Blood series. reread them all last year, i know i will reread them again and again. not sure i will EVER read The High Lord’s Daughter. i don’t think i could through with that twice. although it nice to hear that you more than likely (please, please, please) will be writing more in that series.

  • mary

    ps mean, mean, mean. now i have to go find something light and fun to read.
    pps mean

  • Maggie, I’m glad you enjoyed Twilight’s Dawn. The next book coming out (2012) is an Ephemera story called *Bridge of Dreams.*

    Mary, there is a British TV series called The Sandbaggers. Fascinating characters. I’ve watched it several times over the years. I’ve only seen the very last episode once. So I understand how you feel about The High Lord’s Daughter. There is pain and hope and heartbreak and love in the story. Sometimes you only need to read that kind of story once.

  • I talk about writing “The High Lord’s Daughter” at the Voyager blog,

    The actual essay is behind a cut to help folks avoid spoilers.

  • Peter

    Hi Anne
    I have just finished reading Belladonna & have fallen in love with her character & her world & just wanted to say thank you for writing such a beautiful story.
    I look forward to reading Lees story next year but wondered have you any plans to let us see the next stage of Glorannas journey and her life with Michael?
    Once again thanks for shareing Glorianna & Ephemera with us.
    Travel lightly

  • Ah, Peter. You’ll see many journeys in BRIDGE OF DREAMS–Lee, Danyal, Glorianna, and a Tryad of sisters named Sholeh Zeela a Zhahar. The cover copy is up on my website now, if you want a hint at what’s coming.

    Travel lightly.

  • Peter

    Hi Anne
    Thanks for your reply.
    I can hardly wait till Bridge Of Dreams is available in Australia & am sure I will enjoy Gloriannas continued journey through Ephemera.
    In the meantime I am happily reading Bellodonna again & enjoying it just as much the second time arround.
    I even managed to purchase a hard cover 1st edition of Belladonna (2007), the only thing missing is your autograph.
    Maybe one day my heart wish to get it signed by you will come true.
    Once again thanks for showing us a world where guardians of the light & guides of the heart are always with us.
    Travel Lightly

  • Peter, if you would like information about receiving a signed bookplate, contact me at

    Of course, anyone else here can also contact me about receiving a bookplate.


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