Female Post-Cyberpunk Style Authors

beukes_moxyOK, so you’ve been wonderful helping me build my reading list. I now need to do some categorising. I’m looking to create a list of post 2000 female “cyberpunk-style” authors and to find a new term for them other than post-cyberpunk. Here are few ideas: motherpunk, femmepunk, sister-punk, femme-tek, femme-futures, femme-fuse.

So, before we get into the “isn’t cyberpunk dead?” thing, I’ll define what I’m looking for…

Post 2000 female science fiction authors who deal with themes of corporation vs community (not the individual), cyberspace and corporeality (post-humanism), future reproductive technologies and gender, and futurism, feminism and social change.

If you know an author from my list (or one I’ve missed) who writes about these themes, please leave me a comment, or discuss authors I’ve already placed here, and their fit. Your input will be TOTALLY invaluable!


Madeline Ashby – vN, iD

Elizabeth Bear – Hammered, Scardown, Worldwired; Dust, Grail, Chill

Lauren Beukes – Moxyland, Zoo City

Brook Bolander – And You shall Know her by the Trail of Dead (novelette)

Pat Cadigan – The Girl-Thing Who went out for Sushi, Dervish is Digital

Brenda Cooper – Edge of Dark. Hieroglyph

Nalo Hopkinson – Midnight Robber

Kameron Hurley – God’s War, Infidel, and Rapture

Larissa Lai – Salt Fish Girl

Lyda Morehouse – Archangel Protocol series

Chris Moriarty – SPIN series

Linda Nagata – Limit of Vision

Jennifer Pelland – Machine

Justina Robson – Mappa Mundi

Stephanie Saulter  – Gemsigns

Tricia Sullivan – Maul, Double Vision, Sound Mind, Lightborn


  • Paul March-Russell

    Justina Robson, “Mappa Mundi”?

  • Linda Nagata

    I’ll toss in my novel LIMIT OF VISION for consideration, originally published by Tor in 2001 and now republished under my own imprint. http://mythicisland.com/lov.php I describe it as a near-future biotech thriller. If you’d like a copy of the ebook, let me know.

  • Hi Linda, thank you for speaking up! I’m off to Amazon to download onto my kindle! best M

  • Awesome, Paul. On my list! best M

  • Wendy N. Wagner

    Are you interested in short fiction at all? Brooke Bolander has a novelette out this month that explores corporality and gender. It’s called “And You Shall Know Her By the Trail of Her Dead” – http://www.lightspeedmagazine.com/fiction/shall-know-trail-dead/

  • Hi Wendy, probably not short stories but novelettes and novellas – definitely. Thanks for the link! Brilliant! best MDP

  • Mel Petricko

    I came to suggest Bear, and you have her already. Her series Hammered/Worldwired/Hammerdown is totally cyberpunk/post cyber, but a lot of her work has similar features. Dust/Grail/Chill have space royalty with nanobot-colonized blood, for example. Why can I not recall any of these series names? Awesome reads, though, every last book.

  • Kameron Hurley

    I suspect the books of mine they’re referring to here are God’s War, Infidel, and Rapture

  • Hi Kameron! Nice to meet you. Am reading God’s War right now and am loving it! best MDP

  • Vic

    Heartily seconding Dust etc; the name of the series is Jacob’s Ladder. It’s heart-achingly beautiful.

  • Thank you, Mel! Great help!

  • Thanks, Vic. That will help me track it down! :)

  • Brenda Cooper

    Hi Marianne,

    My next Book, Edge of Dark (March 3, Pyr) deals very specifically with post-human issues. I also deal with a number of your issues in my short work (see Elephant Angels in Hieroglyph, 2014, and The Robot’s Girl in Analog, 2010). Also “Tea with Jillian,” Nature Magazine, and “My Father’s Singularity,” Clarkesworld June 2010.

  • Brenda Cooper

    I also want to definitely second the vote for Madeline Ashby’s work. See her short work as well. You really might just buy Hieroglyph (Madeline is in there, and me, and Vandana Singh, and Kathleen Ann Goonan (Wave in Girl, Girl in Wave is very specifically in your target, I think).

  • Got it!

  • Thanks Brenda. Nice to meet you and adding to the list!

  • who is the publisher?

  • David Golding

    Gwyneth Jones – Bold as Love, Spirit

    Joan Slonczewski – Brain Plague

    Maureen McHugh – Nekropolis

    Kathleen Ann Goonan – Crescent City Jazz, Light Music

    Carla Speed McNeil – Finder (comics)

  • Thank you David. Fantastic.

  • Margaret Yang

    How about The Caline Conspiracy and Zoners by M.H. Mead? Might not count, though, since it’s a man-woman duo writing together and sharing a pen name (quite feminist, though).

  • Thanks, Margaret. I shall investigate! best MDP


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