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Curtin Alumni AwardWell, sorry for the lack of updates the last couple of weeks. Life really knows how to throw everything at you at one time!

I’m hoping things will settle down for a bit now. And just to remind me that sometimes you can get good news among the not-so-good-stuff, I’ve just heard that I’ve been short-listed for a Curtin Distinguished Australian Alumni Award.

This is such a great honour!

Unfortunately, having just been to Perth for family reasons, I can’t get back for the ceremony. However, my dear and delightful nephew Dr Andrew Whitehouse will be attending on my behalf. Andrew and his lovely wife Dr Jaqui McGlade/Whitehouse are doing some brilliant work at the Telethon Kids institute.


Supanova Melb 2010_MDPThis flash fiction had to be 140 wds exactly and include Misha Collins, the Queen of England, and an elopus. It was written for the 2014 Team GISHWHES Loves Jack_Tar:


Falanges steered the Queen-of-England into the transit berth. His data-flow showed a dozen deep-space submarines ahead. As many behind. Right on the edge of the field though, the pulsing outline of a brigantine pushed up the queue.

‘Blasted line jumpers!’ He stretched a tentacle into the flow and activated the Queen’s turbine boosters, sending her rear-end sideways to block the chute.

‘Queen of England! Assume the correct alignment!’ bellowed the brigantine’s captain.

Falanges blew a rude noise from his trunk, spraying fluid about. ‘Trim your sails and take your turn, sail ship!’

‘I bring dangerous cargo. Need expedited entry,’ the captain insisted.

‘What? A Verian War Machine? A Glass Assassin?’

‘The Angel Misha Collins, Guardian of the Supernatural.’

Falanges quailed. Crossed his trembling tentacles. He let the Queen flatten against the dock’s fenders. ‘God speed, my man, and good luck!’


space submarine

spermship800 by Pierre Matter

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo what have I been up to this past while?

Well, check the video below and you can see!

There’s also an interview up on the Writers’ Victoria site, ahead of my master classes there in September. Not too late to sign up for them! There will be a session in Melbourne and one in Geelong.

And I was delighted to see this mention of my Branding workshop in the Bayside Bulletin. The Macleay Island writers are a great bunch of people!

Probably my biggest news though, is that I received a scholarship to pursue my Masters of Philosophy (research–creative practice) at the University of Queensland next year. I’m terribly excited, and can’t wait to begin in January 2015. Never too old to be a student :)


davitt-award  aurealis-award

Sharp Shooter - Davitt Award
Sisters in Crime Australia -- 2009 Best Crime Novel

Transformation Space - Aurealis Award
2010 Best Science Fiction Novel





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