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Crystal. Maybach. Diamonds on your timepiece. Jet planes. Islands.Tigers on a gold leash. We don’t care, we aren’t caught up in your love affair~Lorde

Royals by Lorde seems to be the kind of song that everyone wants to cover, and some of them are damn good. I’ve pasted in a couple of the best ones below.

Meanwhile, sixteen year old New Zealander, Lorde, has a runaway hit on her hands. A song reputably written in half an hour in response to the wealth and shallowness of the Hip Hop Industry, has a simple pared down video directed by Joel Kefali and featuring Lorde’s school mates.

The video is a depiction of ordinary teenage life, limited to a few scenes of two young men getting about their very unglamorous business. Lorde features in short, interspersed flashes, singing some lines (there is a US version and an international version), and that’s about it!

Does it work? Well its got that spare, barely-choregraphed, home movie thing going for it, but I doubt that’s been enough to truly satisfy the palate of the sophisticated music video consumer. No dancing. No imagery directly connected with the lyrics and guys with zits (the latter is enough to make me like it! Love a dose of reality).

With nearly 130 million views on YouTube, it’s certainly been seen by a bunch of people. Fortunately the song is so good, my feeling is that the video neither enhances nor detracts!

Here’s the US version:

And here’s the Florda State University Capella Version:

And the Ali Brustofski version with Savannah Outen, Andrew Garcia, Caitlin Hart & Josh Golden

And lastly … the Pentatonix

Which one do you like best?

Done my hair up real big beauty queen style High heels off, I’m feeling alive ~Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey … so much written about her. So many opinions!

No one could possibly dispute though, that she has a spectacular voice. And as my blogs are about specific song videos, I’m not going to get into the whole “how dare she reinvent herself under a new name and abandon her original fans” – or some such twat! (though for the record I can’t possibly see why it would matter if she did. Just shows she’s smart and committed).

I think what really miffed some fans and critics is that she wasn’t a starving New York musican who done good but a girl from money, who used her means to help her achieve her goal.

Del Rey likes a certain kind of look to her vids and this one is no exception. Sepia toned, smoky, filtered and aged, she goes heavily for nostalgia and tragic romance. The clip is said to reflect the pain and sadness of not being able to spend your life with the person you love, and depicts suicide. It is a beautiful mood piece but like many clips, its real narrative is a little confused and takes a back seat to sultry set pieces of Del Rey and her actress friend, Jaime King.

In spite of that, viewed in isolation, the video clip is quite moving and lovely. However, if you’re familiar with Del Rey and her work, it may well be passed off (as some critics have) as being just another moody magazine spread of the singer in an array of diaphanous gowns. She does love girly and lacy! I dig her voice and her “thing”. She’s said to be going for a bad ass Nancy Sinatra look, and though I catch echoes of that, it is hard to see Del Rey as anything other than a true romantic.

Thumbs up for the sound and the look of Summertime Sadness, thumbs sideways for the clarity of the storytelling.

Here’s the clip, directed by Kyle Newman and Spencer SusserDirector of Photography: Morgan Susser, Editor: Spencer Susser, Producer: Tova Dann, Starring: Jaime King & Lana Del Rey

But even better is this vid of her version of Summer Wine by Nancy Sinatra

It’s. About. To. Go. Down. ~ Pitbull

With 39 million views on YouTube, Timber has well and truly gone down! This song is an irresistable dance track which brings some serious energy with it.

For the video though, they clearly couldn’t get Kesha and Pitbull in the same place to film. The outcome is an odd, mashed-together dance sequence. Kesha, posing in and around a saloon in her boots and best fingernails, supported by a cast of female dancers whose shorts got ravaged by werewolves.

And Pitbull, channeling Fred Astaire with a beautiful, adoring woman on an impossibly idyllic coral atoll, interspersed with dives into the water to swim among sharks.

Was that meant to be a sign of his daring and bravery, or did I miss some symbolism? (Oh, and there’s that random pig swimming by! What’s up with that?)

The whole thing is weirdly disjointed for sure, but I tell you what … the clip beats the hell out of Kayne’s catastrophic disaster, Bound 2 (which leaves me speechless) – aha, honey! Despite it being only semi-original, I say thumbs up to the remix/reinvention of Timber, and the bootscooting.

And thumbs down to the girls wearing microdots, and the fact that the two singers couldn’t be arsed getting together to make a cohesive clip. Wiki says: The song was produced by Dr. LukeCirkut, and Sermstyle, with additional production by Nick Seeley. The song interpolates “San Francisco Bay” (1979) by Danish harmonica player Lee Oskar, which was written by Lee Oskar, Keri Oskar, and Greg Errico“Timber” features harmonica player Paul Harrington of RockwallTexas, who plays through the entire song. 

And yes, I downloaded it!

Here’s the original harmonica by Lee Oskar that Pitbull had Harrington emulate in his song.


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