Parrish Plessis Series

The Parrish Plessis series is a SF action adventure set in future Australia with a strong female protagonist. It is multi layered text, offering a combination of thrills and spills and social satire.

Nylon Angel

While trying to send her sadistic boss to death row, Parrish Plessis finds herself sheltering a suspect in the murder of newsgrrl Razz Retribution. In a world run by the media, the truth isn’t relevant-it’s bad for ratings. Which is why Parrish finds herself tagged for the murder-and up to her tricked-out leather tank top in trouble.

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(UK Edition – Paperback) ISBN-10: 1841492531
ISBN-13: 9781841492537
Published 31-Jan-2004 – Orbit

(NA Edition – Mass market) ISBN-10: 0451460375
ISBN-13: 9780451460370
Published 05-Jul-2005 – Roc

Code Noir

The Tert war is over, and bodyguard Parrish Plessis has gotten a piece of the toxic pie—and the responsibilities that go along with it. To pay off a blood debt to the Cabal Coomera tribe, she must enter the heart of tekno-darkness—the slum town of Dis—to find their missing shamans and to kill her ex-lover Daac. But Parrish still has feelings for Daac—feelings that run as deep as the high-tech parasite he infected her with. Bad blood never boiled like this…

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(UK Edition – Paperback) ISBN-10: 1841492531
ISBN-13: 9781841492537
Published 31-Jan-2004 – Orbit

(NA Edition – Mass market) ISBN-10: 0451460375
ISBN-13: 9780451460370
Published 05-Jul-2005 – Roc

Crash Deluxe

Parrish Plessis, sometime coup leader, paid assassin and ex-bodyguard, is finding life tough. Betrayed by the enigmatic Loyl Daac, and still under blood debt to the deadly Cabal Coomera, Parrish is trying to hold together the little empire she’s inherited in the Tert, live up to the expectations of the many strays and waifs she’s accumulated, and attempt to flush the high-tech parasite from her system before she becomes something so much less than human. Not an ideal lifestyle, Parrish would be the first to admit, but she can make everything alright again if she can manage just one little task. Bring down the media. Just another day for Parrish Plessis…

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(UK Edition – Paperback) ISBN-10: 1841492582
ISBN-13: 9781841492582
Published 06-Feb-2005 – Orbit

(NA Edition – Paperback) ISBN-10: 0451461843
ISBN-13: 9780451461841
Published 10-Oct-2007 – Roc

Apocalypse in Australia
Film and Fiction

For those with an academic tilt, the Parrish Plessis novels are analysed in a chapter in Ros Weaver’s text, Apocalypse in Australian Fiction and Film. This book can be purchased from McFarland Press.

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